Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Will Be Missed!

People sometimes think that no one will notice if they don't attend a corporate event even though they've indicated that they will be there.  The reality is that corporate events are planned and executed by real individuals who are trying to accurately assure that everyone who attends is warmly welcomed and well accommodated.  Budget, name tags, food, beverages, handouts, room size and speaker expectations of audience size are a few of the variables the event planner is trying to manage   The event planner is expecting you to be there when you accept the invitation.  And he/she is expecting to know if your plans change.

This week, I witnessed something I've  not seen before in my long career - the worst case scenario of everyone thinking that no one would notice if they didn't attend.  Acceptances for an all colleague event were received from 131 employees.  Actual attendance was 29.

Thankfully we did not have venue or hospitality expenses for this workday event.  However, we had the embarrassment of billing a large audience to our talented internal speakers, while delivering a small, but engaged group.

When queried, the post event explanations from the no-shows largely favored client serving opportunities and included a few things beyond the colleague's control.  Others clearly didn't realize that their response mattered.

Regardless of the nobleness of the  reason for the change of plans, courtesy requires timely communication.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Things I Can Control

It is my nature to try to make things as good as they can be.  This tendency has led to struggles as I've tried to control things beyond myself.  This year I am consciously focusing on three things over which I have absolute control - my attitude, actions and effort.

Regardless of what is happening around me and what others are doing, I have the option to disengage from  circumstantial drama or group think.  With positive focus, my attitude, actions and effort are within my total control.

Monday, February 11, 2013


At the end of January, I once again had the opportunity to represent Comerica at the Houston Touchdown Club's Comerica Bank Sportsmanship Luncheon, one of my favorite annual events.  This event honors 5A, 4A, 3A and private schools that have been highest ranked on multiple dimensions of sportsmanship by the refs.  The refs not only evaluate the players and coaches, but also the booster groups and parents.

The ceremony honors those who play the game with integrity.  Coaches are well known for their competitiveness and drive and many awards just recognize skill.  I've been delighted by the number of coaches in the past 7 years who have shared pride in winning this award and highlighting this success with their respective players, staff and schools.

It is always invigorating to hear competitive coaches share their pride in being honored for inspiring their players to play the game fairly and  well.

The Golden Rule serves us well in athletics and in life as we treat others as we'd like to be treated.