Friday, September 26, 2014

Levels of Knowing

It struck me this week, as I had a totally different conversation with someone I've known for many years, that different settings provide different levels of knowing others.  My best relationships, and I suspect most others' are as well, multi-faceted.  Sometimes we short-change ourselves by pigeonholing relationships into a defined arena.  When we share additional interests, the relationship can positively morph from a certain category of friendship to a broader, more satisfying one.

This was another reminder that time can be a less significant measure of impact than shared interests.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Smile in the Mirror

We can increase the chances of having a better day, regardless of what we are facing, by greeting ourselves first thing in the morning. with a smile in the mirror.  And, with so many reflective surfaces, we can bolster the positive feeling each time we catch a glimpse of ourselves.  A smile can be, not only the gift we give others, but a perpetual gift we give ourselves.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pennies from Heaven

Whether we consider them lucky pennies or pennies from heaven, found pennies should be day brighteners.  They are unexpected tiny bits of good fortune.  I've always relished finding pennies, and never more than since Edgar died.  I'd asked him to send me pennies from heaven and in the months since he died, I've found more pennies than I remember finding in the past several combined years. The beautiful, comforting thing about many of these finds, is that they often appear when I'm having a tough time.  Just yesterday, a confirming penny appeared, providing me reassurance on the day that my beloved uncle died.

When we expect and accept good cheer, regardless of how small the increment, we are often rewarded exponentially.  Small kindnesses, smiles, greetings, praise, thanks and gestures are other tiny treasures that we can as easily overlook generously giving and gratefully receiving, as the penny waiting to be retrieved.

We can all make a big difference when we continually seize small opportunities to be day brighteners.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Window of Opportunity

Sometimes our windows of opportunity are very narrow. This morning, I woke ready for my daily run.  Overcast skies and light drizzle greeted me.  This would have provided the perfect excuse to skip a day.  Getting out there and seizing the available moments provided a chance to experience much cooler temperatures than we've had in several months.  When windows of opportunity appear, we often gain more than we anticipate by quickly seizing them.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Admire or Acquire?

We can become obsessed with what we pay for items.  And when we focus on price, we can celebrate successful concessions, deals, finds and steals.  But ultimately, we are all seeking things we value at a price we feel is reasonable.

I love a great deal!  There have been countless great deals I've not taken advantage of.  Though the allure was great, I decided long ago that I was going to differentiate between the items I admired and those I acquired.

I love the things I have, and have the things I need, so I smile, knowing that I've admired more than acquired recently.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Power of 1+

It is amazing to realize how far-reaching each connection we make might be.  When I joined LinkedIn, years ago, before this powerful network was adding new members every second, I had no idea how far-reaching my potential network might become.  From a trusting start of one connection at a time, my first degree connections now provide access to over 14 million potential friends, colleagues, clients, neighbors, volunteers, etc.

We all make a difference is so many seen and unseen ways!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doing the Impossible

When the task/goal/project we are tackling seems overwhelming, it's easy to delay/avoid/procrastinate.  Unfortunately, if it's something that needs/must be done, we are creating daily stress for ourselves each day we fail to address it.

The only way I know to do the seemingly impossible is - one step at a time.

Even if we call in reinforcements, at any stage, we're already x steps closer to completion, once we've started.  And for many of us, just getting started is the hardest part.

I tackled a seemingly impossible project recently.  Fortunately, I didn't actually know how large, and growing the tasks were when I began.  Getting started had its own rewards.  And, it since it involved manual labor, I could visually relish each portion completed.  Since I gave myself the option to call in reinforcements at any stage, and my timeline for doing the seemingly impossible was fluid, I remained motivated to finish.  Another silent success relished!

When we tackle the seemingly impossible we need to:

  • start
  • give ourselves options
  • celebrate each interim achievement
  • continue or call in reinforcements

Thursday, September 4, 2014

If the Shoe Fits

When the shoe fits I will run, fish, dance, work  or play in it! We sometimes pigeonhole ourselves or allow others to do so.  Because we have different skills and interests, we can't be confined to one shoe. My weekend shoe wardrobe includes the dress shoe I wore to work, my running shoes, wading boots and sandals for dinner.  When the mood hits me I'll find the shoe that fits me and encourage others to do the same.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Power of Silence

There are abundant wonderful resources for effective communications.  One that I haven't seen frequently mentioned is silence.  We are inundated with talk, text, email and can get antsy when we have unscheduled time.  Silence is powerful.  It allows us to think, react appropriately or refrain from reacting.  Silence also provides space for others to: take charge; offer opinions, advice or options; be acknowledged non-verbally (eye contact, smiles, hugs, etc.).

And most importantly, appropriate silence allows us to hear our own voice.