Monday, March 31, 2014

Technology Desert

It would have been awesome if I'd experienced a technology dessert - think of the enjoyment without the calories and guilt.  However, mine was a technology desert, without an oasis.  We've become so very dependent upon technology that when it fails, we have an unexpected sense of loss and an accelerated sense of frustration.

I've been loyal to my technology provider forever.  In fact, I worked for the company during my first career.When my technology began failing quickly, and my only option was to patiently wait a week for a 4 hour repair window, that my working schedule would allow, my journey in the technology desert began.

My week in the technology desert highlighted the importance of:

  • alternate ways to operate
  • patience
  • skill and persistence of technicians
  • perspective
Consciously disconnecting is to be commended.  Being abruptly disconnected forces us to ultimately realize some of the same benefits.  

We all like choices.  Choosing when we want a technology desert rather than a technology oasis is the best option.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lessons from My Microwave

Life was far different before the introduction of the microwave, decades ago.  And life will continue to change.  Oddly enough, our microwaves teach us about life:

  • seconds matter
  • we pay a price for convenience
  • most tools are not universal 
  • even in a contained space, big messes are hard to clean up
  • fast isn't always best
  • even if you prefer to be open in life, coverage is best in some settings
  • we sometimes take for granted gifts that most don't enjoy

Monday, March 10, 2014

Killing Time or Fulfilling TIme

The difference in killing time or fulfilling time is mostly attitudinal.  And one of the best ways to ensure we spend fulfilling time is by saying yes consciously, rather than merely because there is open space on our calendars.  We fulfill time when we are engaged in activities or thoughts that:

  • bring us joy
  • provide new skills or knowledge
  • are good for our mental, physical or relationship health
  • create memories
  • make us laugh
  • give us a sense of accomplishment
  • exercise our creativity
  • advance a project important to us
  • work through troubling issues
  • evoke gratitude
  • make a difference
Here's to millions of hours of fulfilling time!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No More Big "Buts"

We limit ourselves each time we use the word "but".  I'd like to _______, but I only know how to________.  If we banish this enormous little word and substitute the word "and", we move ourselves immediately to considering possibilities of how to achieve our goals, dreams and desires.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Minutes Matter

We all squander minutes.  Often, we aren't immediately accountable for wasted moments.  However, we become grateful for well-spent moments when we encounter unexpected situations.

My parents and I enjoyed a lovely weekend together!  Travel logistics require a 90 mile trek to the airport, and since threatening weather was imminent, we planned accordingly. Thus, I experienced something I've never encountered - no one was in the airport security line before or after me.  This was especially surprising as my flight was clearing standby passengers. So, a moment earlier or later, and I might not yet have  experienced the joy of being TSA's only expectant passenger.  

My flight was expected to be temporarily delayed, but took off on time.  My anticipated minutes waiting were minimized. However, another passenger got the delay announcement, but didn't receive the back-on-time communique.  She was moments away from missing the flight.

 Fortunately, Mama and Daddy made it home moments before the icing conditions curtailed safe travel. And, an accident that had created huge traffic delays on my route from the airport cleared 10 minutes before I arrived.

We are told to seize the moment.  Realizing the consequences of missed moments increases our chances of  actually seizing them.