Monday, July 19, 2010


I've always been surrounded by accomplished anglers, first Daddy, then Edgar and Gar.  My Dad, husband and son know more about fishing than most people on the planet.  I've sporadically dabbled at angling since early childhood, and still vividly recall my two favorite childhood fishing stories.  The first big fish I remember catching was on the banks of a pond.  My brother Mark and I, unbelievably, hooked the same huge fish.  At ages 7 and 5, appropriately, we both got to claim bragging rights. 

Years later, our family was on a float fishing trip.  I caught fish after fish, gleefully ending the day as the most successful angler. 

Edgar introduced me to saltwater fishing.  Fighting sharks off-shore tested my strength, resolve and endurance.

Saltwater trout fishing in Port Mansfield has expanded my appreciation for the optimism, diligence, preparation, patience and pride that passionate fishermen everywhere exhibit.

I've always loved catching any fish, and it has been fun to improve my casts. Catch and release perfectly suits most of my catches.  It's been rewarding when my catch has become dinner. 

This past weekend, I caught my best ever saltwater trout (pictured above).  It was great fun to catch a big fish.  However, I didn't realize until I visited with serious anglers, that mine was a seriously big fish. 

Personal bests are exciting, fishy and other.

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