Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tiny Matters

Tiny, like most other descriptors is relative. Tiny, for anyone dealing with miniaturization, nanotechnology, microbiology or any other precise science or technology, is only as importantly small as the last discovery . 

But tiny also matters in normal life. Anyone who has loved a newborn baby, realizes the perfection of each tiny feature. 

Fractions of an inch make a difference between well-groomed and shaggy for buzz cuts, bangs and fingernails.

An athlete who is tenths of a second faster will claim Gold.

And anyone who has suffered a paper cut or ant bite knows that a tiny incident causes irritation far out of proportion to its size. 

Just as is the case with the major impact of any of these tiny things, tiny sustained improvements make an enormous difference.  Faith, health, endurance, love, patience, savings, skill, strength, understanding and wisdom can or grow or wither with every tiny opportunity to act or react. 

Everyone pays attention to the big things.  Those who also pay attention to tiny things achieve positive differentiation that far exceeds the initial input, action or restraint.

Not only is everything connected; every tiny thing also matters. 

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