Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Snail Mail

My friend's young daughter is enjoying two weeks at Camp Ozark.  A request from her mother to take a moment and send a note or postcard vividly reminded me how special it is to receive mail at camp.  When our technology leashes are cut, snail mail takes on a new importance for the sender and receiver.  It's always fun to receive an unexpected letter or gift.  What is less obvious are the benefits we reap as a sender. The act of physically preparing 7 days of small offerings, then remembering to send one each day except Sunday and the 4th of July required patience and discipline and provided a fond reminder of the recipient each day. By not being able to simply drop them all in the post office box as soon as they were ready, I was reminded that contrary to my normal approach, fast and efficient is not always best.  And when we do something thoughtful for someone else, it's often we who are the biggest beneficiary.

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  1. Snail mails have become a very important communication tool way before telecommunication became popular.