Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 Minutes Flat

A fun-loving, fancy-free man, enjoying fresh air and the freedom  from a conventional commute that a convertible provides, merged into my lane on the Westpark Tollway.  For two minutes, his execution was flawless - an approach to follow.   Though I don't commute with my convertible top down, I momentarily considered a missed opportunity. 

Two minutes later, this frantic, forlorn man was tempting fate as he foolishly stopped his car on the Post Oak ramp to see how fast he could close his roof.

Things always change, but not always this rapidly.  If our view is narrow, we risk assessing the 2-minute convertible appropriate view. When we consider and evaluate more than the apparent visuals at hand, we gain a broader perspective.

Though we value speed, two minutes is not enough time to make an informed decision.

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